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Condenser Tube Expander BAN Series

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BAN Series

Tube ExpandersTube Cleaner


Sizes Available : 1/4” O.D. To 3/8” O.D.
Maximumm tube thickness : 18G (1.24mm)
Tube Expander Fitted with Roller Length : 1”(25.4mm)


For Tube Inside Diameter
From (3.8mm) .152” to (8.4mm) .331”

» Increased feed angle makes it the fastest operating tool on the market, ideal for high production environment.
» Advantage: Captive mandrel - eliminates nut on mandrel tip which prevents scratching of tube I. D.
» Use : Oil coolers, Radiators, & other apparatus with small diameter tubes..
» Note : All ‘BAN’ series expanders come with 1/4” square mandrel drives. Round mandrel drives are optional.