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Twin Drive Tube Cleaning Machine

Twin Drive Tube Cleaning Machine

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SHINGARE twin drive tube cleaning machines are made for high speed of 4500 rpm so that heavy scale in evaporators/Juice heaters/ Semikiesners in the sugar mills can be removed with less efforts & more efficiently.

These twin drive tube cleaning machines are manufactured with heavy duty chassis, fitted with the highest standard motors. All units are extensively tested and certified to relevant electrical, reliability and safety standards. These units have been in service for over twenty years without the need for motor repair. Attaching the Flexible Drive to twin drive machine is made easy and intrinsically safe by the design of the nose coupling arrangement.

As with all SHINGARE products, there is flexibility to manufacture special units in accordance to customer requirement or specifications.

The SHINGARE Twin drive tube cleaning machines are fitted with precision gearboxes offering smooth power transition to multiple drives. This system can increase the number of tubes that are cleaned and reduce maintenance downtime.

The motor type is optional and twin drive Power Units can be designed to suit specific applications. However, when requesting special motors, be sure to fully explain the duty the unit is needed to perform as the power of the motor will be critical in ensuring the normal long life of the SHINGARE equipment.

Model No. Power RPM Phase Volts Frequency Weight
BFM-TD2-75-440 7.5 HP/5.6 KW 4500 3 400/440 Volts 50Hz 72.00kg
BFM-TD2-75-380 7.5 HP/5.6 KW 4500 3 380 Volts 50Hz 72.00kg