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Nut Splitter

For Removing Frozen Nuts The Proper Way

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Features / Benefits

Safe : No Flames. No Sparks. No Risk to volatile surroundings. No Hammers Or Impact needed.. No flying fragments.


Fast : Cuts a 3” Nut in 20 to 30 seconds vs. Approx. 20 minutus with a hammer & Chisel or torch.
No Damage to bolt or stud threads by Calibrating the chisel so that only the nut is cut.


Easy Set up : You can be up & away in less than 5 minutes.


Versatile : Nut Splitters cut the hardest nuts. The range of models offered & the range of each model compares very favorably vs. The competition.


Price : Competitive price ofthe unit plus savings in reduces downtime & no damage to costly bolts & studs.