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Hot and Cold Water Jet Cleaners Machine

Hot and Cold Water Jet Cleaners Machine

Tube Expanders

High pressure water jet machine uses to remove oil, mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces.

ESTILO MODEL NO. ES-12010 ES-15015 ES-20015
Pressure 120 bar 150 bar 200 bar
Flow Rate 10 LPM 15 LPM 15 LPM900 I/h
Max Water Temp. 0-130oc 0-130oc 0-130oc
Motor Revolution 1450 RPM 1450 RPM 1450 RPM
Power Supply 230V - 50Hz 400V - 50 Hz 400V - 50 Hz
Motor Power 3 HP 5,5 HP 7,5 HP
Dimensions mm 880 x 590 x 730 880 x 590 x 730 880 x 590 x 730
Diesel Tank Capacity 14 IT 14 IT 14 IT
Weight 114 Kg 118 Kg 125 kg

» Stainless Steel Boiler
» Triplex pump with ceramic plungers, connecting rod system
» Brass pump head
» Automatic by-pass valve
» Pressure gauge
» Built-in detergent suction
» Boiler shut-down delayed circuit
» With safety pressure switch to shutdown the boiler in case of lack of water
» Induction Three Phase motor with thermal protector
» Thermostat
» Detergent tank 4/5L
» Vertical stainless steel boiler cooling function driven by independent electric motor,double heating coil with refractory cement base.
» 5m Electric cable
» Diesel tank 15L, with discharge plug
» Water and diesel filters
» TSS, remote control for shutdown of high pressure cleaner
» Adjust high/low pressure and fan/pencil jet spray head
» Accessories Holder


Suction Hose:
Are available for all discharge capacities in standard lengths. They are either nylon type or wire braided type.

Delivery Hose:
Available in standard lengths with hydraulic high pressure BSP connections for working pressures from 2,000 PSI to 20,000PSI.

ON/OFF Gun Rigid Lance and Nozzles:
These are the portable guns used for light duty small high pressure portable cleaners, manually controlled by use of trigger.