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Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes

Bhartiya Industries manufacture different brushes for Tube cleaning Application these brushes are as follows :

Wire Brush Manufacturer

Turk Head Brush
Max. Brush Size: 6” (152.4mm)
Purpose : For removal of light scale from pan, evaporator, juice heaters tube.

This is the Turk Head brush used for removal of light scale from pan, evaporator, juice heaters tube in Sugar mills or from boilers.

Wire Brush Exporter

Double Spiral Brush
"BDS" for removing light scale and burnishing all types of tubes.

This is a "BDS" that can be used when you clean or perform manual tube cleaning as well as this can also be used for mechanical cleaning along with flexible shaft.

Circular Wheel Brush

Circular Wheel Brush
Max. Size of brush: 6" (152.4mm)
Thickness : ½" to 2"
Purpose : For polishing, deburing & cleaning of tube

This are the brushes mainly use for tube cleaning when we use air operated tube cleaning machine 6,000 series & 6,300 series along with the air motor.

Self Expanding Brush

"WBA" Heavey Duty Brush
It can be used along with 15 roller tool head cutter for
quick cleaning size " to 4"

It can be used with 15 roller tool head cutter for quick cleaning of � inch to 4 inch tubes in Sugar mills & this is very popular in African region of Sugar Mills.

Shuttle Cock Brush

Spring Coil Brush
Bhartiya makes 'BSC' Series Spring Coil Wire Brushes are used for cleaning heavy scale deposits from evaporator, juice heater or boiler tubes in Sugar Mills or ice factory. The spring bristles dig into the scale to break it free from the tube inside surface. These spring filled wire brushes are adjustable to a 2" range.

Size range of these spring filled brush is for tubes 1-3/8"-3" (35-76mm) O.D. or maybe more if required.

Max. Brush Size : 38.1mm upto 152.4 mm I/D
Purpose : For heavy duty tube cleaning.

Expanding Scraper

"EXS" Expanding Scrapers
For thin scale, soot or soft deposits


Serial No.
Turk Head Brush
Model No
Double Sprial Brush
Model No.
Circular Wheel Brush
Model No.
Shuttle Cock Brush
Model No.
Spring Coil Brush
Model No.
Expanding Scrapper Brush
Model No.
31.7 1.1/4 BT-10 BDS-10 BCW-10 WBA-10 --- EXS-10
2 35.0 1.3/8 BT-11 BDS-11 BCW-11 WBA-11 --- EXS-11
3 38.1 1.1/2 BT-12 BDS-12 BCW-12 WBA-12 BSC-12 EXS-12
4 41.3 1.5/8 BT-13 BDS-13 BCW-13 WBA-13 BSC-13 EXS-13
5 44.5 1.3/4 BT-14 BDS-14 BCW-14 WBA-14 BSC-14 EXS-14
6 47.6 1.7/8 BT-15 BDS-15 BCW-15 WBA-15 BSC-15 EXS-15
7 50.8 2 BT-16 BDS-16 BCW-16 WBA-16 BSC-16 EXS-16
8 54.0 2.1/8 BT-17 BDS-17 BCW-17 WBA-17 BSC-17 EXS-17
9 57.1 2.1/4 BT-18 BDS-18 BCW-18 WBA-18 BSC-18 EXS-18
10 60.3 2.3/8 BT-19 BDS-19 BCW-19 WBA-19 BSC-19 EXS-19
11 63.5 2.5/8 BT-20 BDS-20 BCW-20 WBA-20 BSC-20 EXS-20
12 66.7 2.5/8 BT-21 BDS-21 BCW-21 WBA-21 BSC-21 EXS-21
13 69.8 2.3/4 BT-22 BDS-22 BCW-22 WBA-22 BSC-22 EXS-22
14 73.0 2.7/8 BT-23 BDS-23 BCW-23 WBA-23 BSC-23 EXS-23
15 76.2 3 BT-24 BDS-24 BCW-24 WBA-24 BSC-24 EXS-24
16 79.4 3.1/8 BT-25 BDS-25 BCW-25 WBA-25 BSC-25 EXS-25
17 82.5 3.1/4 BT-26 BDS-26 BCW-26 WBA-26 BSC-26 EXS-26
18 85.7 3.3/8 BT-27 BDS-27 BCW-27 WBA-27 BSC-27 EXS-27
19 88.9 3.1/2 BT-28 BDS-28 BCW-28 WBA-28 BSC-28 EXS-28
20 92.1 3.5/8 BT-29 BDS-29 BCW-29 WBA-29 BSC-29 EXS-29
21 95.2 3.3/4 BT-30 BDS-30 BCW-30 WBA-30 BSC-30 EXS-30
22 98.4 3.7/8 BT-31 BDS-31 BCW-31 WBA-31 BSC-31 EXS-31
23 101.6 4 BT-32 BDS-32 BCW-32 WBA-32 BSC-32 EXS-32