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CAM Type Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine

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CAM Type Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine

Tube Expanders


Adopt high strength & precision ring structur, apply to cutting and beveling pipe, especially for batch working of cutting, bevelling for thing wall thickness pipe.

Using METABO make drive,with low noise, long life, stable performance, & variable speed function.

Power Supply: 220-240 V, 1 Phase, 50/60 Haz,.

These machines cane be used by using Pneumatic Drive with pressure rating of 6-8 bar.


Advantages :
A. Compact Structure & good finishing, with light weight aluminium body
B. Easy set up, operation and maintainance
C. Cutting & beveling finsished at the same time, high working effective.
D. Cold Working, No spark, Won;t make the material affected.
E. Adopt New Synchronous feed mechanism, Feeding uniformity, tool bits has longer working life.
F. Self Centering, No need to adjust work of concentricity & perpendicularity.
G. Perfect Working precision, no burrs.




Working Range (mm)

Thickness (mm)

Speed (Rpm) Weight (kg)


ø 16-60


30-120 13


ø 60-110


30-120 16


Note - For pneumatic Drive use prefix P instead of M in both model nos.