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Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

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It is calibrated tool recommended for use in controlled tightening of nuts & bolts to avoid over / under stressing. Bhartiya Torque Wrenches are Preset / Adjustable click type torque wrenches which are available in ratchet and non ratchet types. These are compact, light weight & rigid to suit the rugged working conditions prevailing in Indian industries particularly the automobile sector. Our wrenches are being very successfully used by Many heavy industrial organization in India Besides these all Vehicle & Automobile manufacturers are extensively using our Torque Wrenches.


It is a fast acting precision spanner cum instrument of an entirely new design for tightening of bolts & nuts to the required Torque. The Torque Wrenches are available in a set of 12 models convering Torque requirement from 3 to 2500 Nm.

These Wrenches are calibrated to an accuracy of 3% on Electronic calibrators & our Equipments are traceable to National Physical Laboratories, an important prerequisite for ISO 9000. Each & every Torque Wrench is accompanied with is Calibration Certificate. These are also traceable National Standards and we guarantee our Torque Wrenches against any premature failure. These are also available in special production model to suit exact Torque requirement and critical application that do not have direct access.


Autombile, Heavy Engineering, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Aeronautics & Defence Organisations etc.