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One Revolution Internal Tube Cutter - BOTC Series

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One Revolution Internal Tube Cutter - BOTC Series

Size Available : 5/8" O.D. To 2.1/2" O.D

Tube Expanders

» This One Revolution Internal Tube Cutter is designed for hand operation using a ratchet handle.
» It pierces and cuts off non-ferrous tubes in one revolution.
» The cutter tool Bit operates on an eccentric principle. The tube cutter is entered in the tube with the Tool Bit
   closed position, ratchet is applied and turned in clockwise direction. The Tool bit contacts the tube during the
   one revolution & pierces the tube wall & as turning is continued the Tool Bit shares through the Tube along
   its circumference. This cutter is fitted with an adjustable collar enabling it to reach into tubes at various distances
   and they are available in optional increments of 2 (50.8mm). Standard adjustable reach is 6 "(152.4mm). "A"
   reach = 8" (203.2), B reach = 10" (254.0mm), C reach= 12" (304.8mm) etc.