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Boiler Tube Cleaning Machine with Soot Collection System

Boiler Tube Cleaning Machine with Soot Collection System

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Boiler Tube Cleaning Machine is the most important technology to maintain efficiency of Fire tube boilers.

It is a 3 phase electric motor (2800 rpm) mounted on a 3 wheel trolley fitted with a carrying trolley. Horsepower of motor is selected depending upon the length & size of shaft, and type of scaling. Push button starter is provided to control the motor. Each machine is fully wired, carefully tested & fitted with a 10 ft. Length (Or longer if required) PVC cable to main supply.

Motors are available in an enclosed system to protect electric motors from damage during operating work.


Model No. Motor Power Electric Supply Speed RPM Tube ID
Hp KW mm. Inch
BFM-30 3 2.238 440 V 3
Phase 50 C/S A/C
2800 28.0-50.80 1.1/8"-2.0"
BFM-50 5 3.73 2800 38.10-101-101.6 1.1/2"-4.0"


We have to use suitable flexible shaft and brushes to perform tube cleaning of fire tube boilers.
Please contact our sales engineers to select correct flexible shaft and brushes.

To overcome this challenge, SHINGARE has introduced Soot Collection System (Vac-Soot 60) to maintain cleanliness at shop floors after firetube boiler tube cleaning work. Vac-Soot 60 is the portable machine working on Vacuum principle, recommended to use along with electric driven boiler tube cleaner BFM-50 or pneumatic driven tube cleaner B6000 air motors and accessories. SHINGARE has developed patented** vacuum attachment which enables machine to recover ash or soot while doing boiler tube cleaning work.

It is challenge for all corporate customers and their service providers to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in their plant during fire tube boiler cleaning operation. Most of fire tube boilers has powder type soft scale which is easy to scatter across plant while performing tube cleaning work.