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High Pressure Water Jetting Machine

High Pressure Water Jetting Machine (450-1400 bar)

Tube Expanders

high-pressure water jetting machines are used for Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Evaporator, Calendria, Boiler etc. in various industries like textile, pharmaceutical, steel, chemical, refineries and many more.

MODEL NO. MAXIMUM PRESSURE (Bar/Psi) Water Flow Rate (LPM) Motor Power HP Power
BHP-40015E 400/5800 15 15 Three Phase
BHP/50030E 500/7250 30 40 Three Phase
BHP/60045E 600/8700 45 60 Three Phase
BHP/75035E 750/10875 35 60 Three Phase
BHP/100040E 1000/14503 40 100 Three Phase
BHP/110052E 1100/15955 52 150 Three Phase
BHP/120053E 1200/17405 52 200 Three Phase


High Pressure Hose:
Specially designed to withstand high pressures, Swivel connector for easy connection. To connect pump delivery line to Foot Operated Valve.

Pressure Regulating Valve:
Regulate output pressure as required bypass excess water.

Safty Valve:
Intentionally designed weak part to avoid major loss provide over pressure protection.

Nozzle (Straight, Forward, Backward Firing Nozzels):
Highly effective and time saving than conventional. For surface cleaning, cutting and general applications. Backward firing nozzle mainly used For effective cleaning of tubes.

Flexible Lance:
To connect Foot Operated Valve to Nozzle specially designed to withstand high pressures. Small diameter pipes to easily enter inside ID of tubes.

Foot Valve:
To start-stop and control water flow through foot of operator, while keeping his hands free for the in-out movement of flexible lance inside tubes. Its necessary for Operator safety to avoid any accident.

Rigid Lance:
Made up of SS material, For easy & firm grip to counter the back pressure at the time of in & out of nozzle.