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Wattage based Electric Tube Expansion Machine

Wattage based Electric Tube Expansion Machine

Tube Expanders

» Fully Solid State Design - no moving parts - no wear and tear - no noise - consequently long life.

» Uses the latest micro-controller chip for control functions.

» Uses one main circuit board for easy maintenance.

» Accurately calibrated digital torque setting with a resolution of 1 watt makes torque settings accurate and can be
   easily reproduced for identical results.

» Connected drive is automatically recognized & indicated by means of LED on the torque controller.

» Soft start has been provided for all drives, which reduces starting currents in the drive. As a result, life of carbon brushes
   & drive increases.

» Torque setting arranged in four different ranges to suit four different drives. Appropriate wattage range is
   automatically selected for the connected drive, hence drives can not be abused or overused.

» Actual drive wattage (torque) is displayed. Set wattage (torque), drive current and line voltage can be seen be
   Press of a button.

» Adjustable reverse time from (1 sec to 100 secs.)

» Trip time adjustable from (0.1 sec to 10 secs.)

» Pause time (time interval between cycles) adjustable from ( 1 sec to 100 secs.)

» Manual reverse by push button, in case of emergency.

» Drive Speed adjustable in reverse rotation.

» Hand (trigger) mode or foot switch mode, both are available.

» Expansions can be carried out either in single cycle mode or auto repeat mode.

» MCB has been provided to protect the drives against over current by short circuits..

» Plug in type PCBs reduce down time to minimum during trouble shooting.

» LED indicators provided for forward, reverse & trip conditions of drive.

» Superior SCR technology has been incorporated ratherthan trics. SCRS have much better voltage, current dv/dt ratings
   than triacs. This leads to greater reliability & the power circuit becomes almost failsafe.

» All the spares inside the panel viz : PCBs, Transformers, CT, Relays DPM etc. Can be replaced by use of only a screw driver.

» PC/Printer compatible.


Model No.

Voltage Single Phase 50/60 Hz Weight (kg)
TCW-09-110 100 V


TCW-09-230 230 V 11.0


Note : Voltage Stabilizers for use with TCW torque controllers. All TCW torque controllers are supplied with operation manuals.