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'YT' Series Tool Head Cutter

'YT' Series Tool Head Cutter

'YT' Series Tool Head has powerful performance for Pan or oil field pipe yard cleaning. This is also a part rattling tool heads accessories which is to be used with rattling motors. These are commonly known as WA type cutter, or rattling cutters.

Tube Expanders

Purpose : For fine cleaning of curved or bend tubes.

Description : It has pivoted arms and cutter head which contacts every part of tube due to centrifugal force.

Size : For tube I. D. From 32mm to 102mm.


Serial No.
Tube I.D.
Tool Head
Model Nos.
Cone Cutter Set of 3 rollers Model Nos.
Spare Arms
Model Nos.
Universal Joint
Model Nos.
1 38.1 1.1/2 YT-12
YTC-12 YTA-12 YTUJ-12
2 44.5 1.3/4 YT-14 YTC-14 YTA-14 YTUJ-14
3 51.4 2 YT-16 YTC-16 YTA-16 YTUJ-16
4 57.1 2.1/4 YT-18 YTC-18 YTA-18 YTUJ-18
5 63.5 2.1/2 YT-20 YTC-20 YTA-20 YTUJ-20
6 69.8 2.3/4 YT-22 YTC-22 YTA-22 YTUJ-22
7 76.2 3 YT-24 YTC-24 YTA-24 YTUJ-24
8 88.9 3.1/2 YT-28 YTC-28 YTA-28 YTUJ-28
9 101.6 4 YT-30 YTC-30 YTA-30 YTUJ-30