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Condenser Tube Expander B1200-5 Series

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B1200-5 Series

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Sizes Available : 1/2” O.D. to 1.1/2” O.D.
Tube Internal diameter : 8.4mm (0.509”) to 36.3mm (1.43”)
Roller Length of Tube Expander : 1.1/2” (38.1mm) & 2.1/4” (57.1mm)

» Advantages : It gives a more concentric and even expansion when expanding thin walled tubes vs conventional
  3 roller tube expander and reduces tube spring back effect.

» Use : This is recommended for use on thin walled tubes (19 thru 22 gauge walls) of stainless steel, Titanium,
  & other exotic materials in thick tube sheets.

» Expanders for tube sizes not listed below are also available. Please enquire.