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Current based Electric Tube Expansion Machine

Current based Electric Tube Expansion Machine

Tube Expanders

BHARTIYA Electric Tube Expansion Drive Unit is governed by a separate Electric Control Panel which is adjusted by a simple Digital Display. When the Electrically Driven Motor reaches the desired Torque, the Control unit Mechanism automatically shuts off the Power and on pressing the Reverse Button the Tube Expander retracts out from the Tube. The Fully Automatic system ensures the Tube are rolled to maximum tightness without excessive cold worked stress in Tube Metal which prevents injuring Tube ends or distorting Tube Sheet Ligaments.



Model No.


Supply Voltage Volts

Maximum Current AMPS Control Panel Suitable for Drives
BTC - 23010 Single 230 10

BD-0, BD-1, BD-2, BD-2TS, BD-3, BM-2M5,

BD-3M5, BD-2M25, BD-3M25

BTC - 11020 Single 110 20 BD-0L, BD-1L, BD-2L, BD-2TSL, BD-3L,
BM-2LM5, BD-3LM5, BD-2LM25, BD-3LM25


Note : Latest Design Highly Advanced - Micro processor based torque control unit- Also available - quote on request.