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Tube Leak Detector Kit

Tube Leak Detector Kit

Size Availa
ble : 1/2" O.D. TO 3" O.D.

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Tube leak detector kit (BVLD-3000) is simple & precise test instrument used by manufacture to indentify tube leakage of condensers, heat exchangers, boiler and other Tubular apparatus.


It is the fastest and most accurate method of locating tube leakage for replacement or plugging or installation of new tubes.


It works on the principle of vacuum in which the tool sucks the air from the tube and creates a vacuum to a desired reading on gauge.


Steady reading on gauge indicates NO LEAK.


If the reading on the gauge drops it indicates a tube with a LEAK.


Features :
» Simple, Quick and Reliable tube testing.
» Each tube Testing Gun weighs less than 1.0 kg.
» Air supply : Uses standard plant air supplies 90 psi (6.0 bar)
» Air consumption: 26 cfm (720 l/min)
» Maximum Vacuum: 80%
» Temperature range: -20 C to 80 C
» Dimension : 230 x 120 x 170 (mm)


BHARTIYA make BVLD-3000 Leak Detector Test Kit include :

Vacuum Gun : 1 No.
Tube Seal with Nozzle (Any one size) : 1 set.
T handle with plugging nozzle & plugging seal : 1 set
Pneumatic Hose : 2 meter
Compact Carrying Case : 1 Pc.