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Tube Expanders

Tube Expanders are the devices in the manufacturing processes of heat exchangers such as boilers and condensers for rolling tube type expansion which are operated to fix and mold tubes to tube sheets.

Bhartiya Industries is engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting of a wide range of Engineering commodities like BoilerTube Expanders, Tube Cleaners, Flexible Shafts, Tube Tools and Tube Expansion Systems. With the state-of-art technology in Engineering and innovative research, manufactures and exports the most accurate machining system and tools. Tube Expanders manufactured and exported by Bhartiya Industries are the most precise, safest and cost-effective.

A mixed bag of tools like Condenser Tube Expanders is design and manufacture which are required for the tube expansion process. These tube expanders suffice the needs of a series of tube and tube sheet configurations like high-speed types that permit the expansion time to be reduced by increasing the feed angle.