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Electric Torque Wrenches (EWS Series)

EWS Series

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EWS Electric torque wrench is designed to install heavy hex structural bolts, non-impact, electricity. It has square drive end so that same machine can be used for different hexagon nut by using suitable socket. It shuts off when the torque requirements is reached. The tools offers a non-reactive torque controlled option for hex bolt installation.This series of wrenches adopts German motors. Strong power, Durable and Stable performance are its famous features.


These tools are used for a variety of different tasks across many industries-including home repairs and maintenance, automotive and construction. It's important to always use this tool in applications where screws and bolts must be secure and tight. These tools allow the user to measure the amount of pressure being applied to fasteners, to ensure it matches the recommended specifications for the job.


» Easy switch directions Appling reaction arm to closest object, Tighten up to target torque.
» Perfect solution for your work at narrow space.
» Ultra compact socket with an integrated reaction arm.
» Easily set your target torque with dial on the Controller.
» Versatile performance of our electric torque wrench for bridge construction, steel fabrication and any kind of heavy industry.
» Available with both direction forward and reverse.
» Shortest profile and compact socket make accessible to bolts at any narrow space.


Model No. Torque
Square Drive Weight
EWS-3 100-300 3/4" 4.4 24
EWS-5 200-500 3/4" 4.5 15.5
EWS-7 300-700 1" 4.7 15
EWS-9 400-900 1" 5.3 9.5
EWS-12 500-1200 1" 5.5 9
EWS-21 1000-2100 1.1/2" 6.6 6
EWS-25 1100-2500 1.1/2" 8.5 5
EWS-35 1700-3500 1.1/2" 12 2.5
EWS-60 3000-6000 1.1/2" 18.5 0.6
EWS-100 5000-10000 2.1/2" 21 0.3