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Electric Torque Wrenches (ESL Series)

ESL Series

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To Install TC Bolts, you need a ESL series shear wrenches. This is an electric wrench with counter-rotating sockets. The proper gun for each diameter bolt should be determined. TC bolts are structural bolts used for steel structure construction. Therefore, these bolts are created to provide the highest... Moreover, though its fastening mechanism is complicated, TC bolts are easy to use and can be installed by just one person. The inbuilt functionalities of these bolts allow for determining the tensioning required to hold together a structure With the help of this functionality, users can also figure out whether the required tension has been achieved, regardless of how much torque was applied to achieve the tension.



» All Shear Wrenches are calibrated and certified on in-house test bench in our facility.
» Hence, this wrench is very suitable for various complex construction environments.
» Bharitya ESL-Series light weight and compact shear wrenches provide consistent, reliable torque tightening and shearing to the tension control bolts.
» Bhartiya Electric Shear Wrenches are capable of achieving controllable torque range of 5000 Nm with supported bolt sizes till M36.
» Compared with general shear wrench , Electric Shear Wrench biggest feature is that the working head can rotate 360 degrees horizontally relative to the position of the handle.


Model No. Torque
Bolt Size
ESL-16 320 M12,M16 3.8 36
ESL-2 540 M12,M16,M20 6 24
ESL-22 910 M16,M20,M22 6.8 20
ESL-24 1200 M20,M22,M24 8 14
ESL-27 1700 M22,M24,M27 8.3 12
ESL-30 2500 M24,M27,M30 10.5 5
ESL-33 3500 M27,M30,M33 15 4.5
ESL-36 5000 M30,M33,M36 17 2.5