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Electric Powerpack For Bolt Operated Tensioner (BETP)

Electric Powerpack For Bolt Operated Tensioner (BETP)

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Features of Power Pack :

» Brand new technology: Combine unit of Low pressure and high pressure equipments.
» Less High pressure component used, hence maintenance cost is less.
» All components are Highly precise and reputed make.
» Substantial savings in energy and oil consumption.
» Analog or Digital pressure gauges assure the highest possible read out and adjustment precision.
» High speed/flow.
» Remotely operation forward and reverse.
» Light weight & compact design.

Optional Accessories:

» High pressure hose
» High pressure QRC (Quick Release Coupling)
» Digital Pressure Gauge

Tensioning Pump - Model BETP-1500 (Tensioning Pump)
Main Voltage AC 230 V, 50Hz
Solenoid Voltage AC 230 V
Main Consumption A 10
Motor Capacity kW 1.5
Protected According to IP IP 55
Nominal Pressure bar 0-1500
Flow @ 1500 Bar lpm 0.1 @ 1500 bar
Tank Volume litre 14
Oil Type - Servo 68
Ambient Temperature C 45 ̊
Max Oil Temperature C 60 ̊
Weight without oil Kg 35 Approx