Bhartiya Air Tensioner Pump (BATP)

Bhartiya Air Tensioner Pump (BATP)

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The air operated powerpack for bolt tensioner BATP-1500 are designed to meet the highest technical and safety requirements of high pressure equipment.

Technical Features :

» Stainless Steel Frame: The hydraulic unit is installed in a weather proof stainless steel protection frame.
» Logical Control Panel: Logical layout design engraved for easy operation.
» Calibrated Pressure Gauge: Calibrated 150mm (6”), liquid filled, SS Frame, 2500 bar rating pressure gauge with dual reading of bar & psi.
» Complete Air System: System includes FRL Unit, air pressure gauge and control knob for safe air control and supply.
» Higher Operating Pressure: Pump has max working pressure of 1500 bar to cover all bolt tensioning applications.
» Light Weight: Unit weighs only 18 Kg and measures 450mm x 340mm x 480mm.
» Lower Input air Pressure: Higher pressure ratio of 1 : 350 ensures less input air pressure for operation.
» Quick Connect Outlet: Pump comes fitted with a quick connect outlet for easy connection of hydraulic hose.

Optional Accessories:

» High pressure hose
» High pressure QRC (Quick Release Coupling)
» Digital Pressure Gauge

Technical Details - Model BATP-1500 (Bhartiya Air Operated Tensioner Pump)
Pressure Ratio - 1:350
Displacement Volume cm3 1.3
Operating Pressure, Max. ( at 5.1 bar Pre Limited (PL) Air Pressure ) bar 1800
Compressed air supply (air drive)
System Operating Air Pressure, Max. bar 5.1
Safety Valve Set Pressure bar 5.5
Stainless Steel Tank Capacity
Oil Tank capacity litre 5