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Accessories for Pneumatic Boiler Tube Cleaner

Pneumatic Boiler Tube Cleaner For Boilers & Heat Exchanger Tubes

Armourd Hose

Armourd Hose is connected between spiral steel wire winding throughout the hose length.

Plain Hose

It is located between Hand Valve, FRL/Compressor line. Standard ength of plain hose is 10meter.

Hand Valve

Hand Valve is device for controlling air pressure supply.

Circular Brush

Circular Brushes are more popular brushes with Air Motor. These brushes are connected to Air Motor by using either flexible extension or universal joint. The purpose of this brush for polishing, deburing and cleaning of tube.

Flexible Extention

It is compact device mainly used for bend/straight tube cleaning.


The main purpose of Filter Regulator Lubricator is filter compressed air, regulates its pressure and lubricate it with oil to protect inside parts of Air Motor from rusting.

Universal Joint

It is small tool connected between air motor and circular brush for vertical straight tube cleaning.

Tube Expanders

Pneumatic Boiler Tube Cleaner